How do I book you for my wedding day?

  • The first step is to send me a message through my contact form  and I’ll let you know if your date is available! 
  • Next, fill out this online form – Wedding Day Details
  • Once I receive your online form I’ll send you a proposal.  The proposal requires you to sign the agreement and pay the retainer then your date is booked!


How to prep and what to expect for your trial run

  • Plan to schedule your trial run 6 weeks before your wedding date at my home studio in downtown Minneapolis.  This location allows us to maximize our time. The lighting is ideal and I will have everything set up and ready to go upon your arrival.  Guest parking and street parking is available.  
  • Trial runs typically take  60-90 minutes.  Depending on the circumstances, a trial run exceeding 2 hours is subject to an additional charge.
  • Feel free to bring a friend or family member to your trial run appointment.  Please limit additional company to two guests, as too much outside feedback can be overwhelming and unproductive.  Your trial run is about you, and what you want.
  • Come with clean skin.  Do your normal skin care routine, and don’t skip moisturizer!  Makeup sits best on clean, makeup free skin.  
  • Wear a v-neck or scoop neck shirt.  I prefer to match your foundation to your chest/body in order to determine the best shade match.  It’s common for your face to be lighter than your body and I want your skin tone to be consistent!  
  • Be prepared with pictures of makeup looks you like and makeup looks you don’t like.  Everyone interprets ‘smokey eye’ and ‘natural makeup’ differently, so having a picture of what you want is going to make sure we’re both on the same page.  Ideally, find someone with similar coloring and features when selecting your inspiration photos.  
  • The day of your trial run,  it's very important to see how the makeup wears.  I want your makeup to look perfect all day; through heat, sweat, dancing, etc.   Therefore, it’s best to schedule your trial run earlier in the day if possible.  Pay attention to how your makeup holds up as you go about your normal daily activities.  Don't avoid breaking a sweat because you 'don't want to ruin your makeup'; put your makeup to the test! 
  • I want to use the best products for your skin so your makeup LASTS.  This might mean we have to adjust certain products after your trial run, which is why a trial is so important!  Overall, your trial is a great time for me to get to know you and your skin and will make things go much smoother on the wedding day.
  • If possible, arrange to have your hair trial on the same date, and even better yet, your dress fitting as well!  That way you can see all the elements of your bridal look really come together.